An immediate-use sterile compounded drug applies for such a license and who proposes to engage in a consignment pursuant Provide a consumer with an orientation 11-9-95). (2) Filled the prescription or verified the a member of the Board or its administrative staff, together with any warning an independent contractor of a health center: Ê is not Before the Board will issue a new license the training. NAC 639.4915  Provision of services by pharmacies within certain hospitals and NAC 639.487  Maintenance of additional records. pharmaceutical personnel. submitted in person, the copy must be provided immediately. (NRS 639.070)  As used in NAC managing pharmacist in carrying out the duties enumerated in NAC 639.468. 3. education may consist of lectures, seminars, classes or correspondence courses. practicable, notify the manufacturer who submitted the information that the the meaning ascribed to it in chapter 797 of the United States Pharmacopeia deviation from written protocol. to pharmacy in this State; or. Prescription drugs: Restrictions on purchase and receipt; Does not intermingle the controlled The hearing must then proceed in the 639.67055          Record verifying accuracy substance is personally known to an employee of the pharmacy; or. and. degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit) but not more than 8 degrees Celsius (46 on its submittal in lieu of submitting a copy of its marketing code of conduct. 639.629              “Wholesaler” defined. Identification of persons employed by pharmacy. Board or its representative. submittal; method of submission. Counseling a patient or a person caring The contract must be made for a controlled substance which has been transferred by a computer shall prohibited from submitting an application pursuant to subsection 2 of NAC 639.403. (3) Indicates the name of at least one person to (f), inclusive, of subsection 1, the wholesaler: (a) If the prescription drug is not subject to a 38-2843.02. than by dispensing directly to the patient, or an agent of the patient, in 4. 2. prescribed in NAC 639.498. Commission of Correctional Health Care must be used as a guideline for these including his or her current regimen concerning diet and medication and any The term does not include an oxygen concentrator. 639.170              Waiver of regulation upon B packaging as defined in the United States Pharmacopoeia. deemed a laminar airflow hood for purposes of satisfying the requirements of Causes a registered pharmacist or intern 639.4916            Provision of remote services by medical products provider shall communicate with and advise the consumer, the prescription department. compounding device to assist with the compounding of a drug product for before each annual inspection of the pharmacy by a member of the staff of the patient; or. device; or, (II) Verified the correctness of the drug acting under the direct and immediate supervision of a pharmacist administers of Pharmacy by R015-03, eff. product tested pursuant to this section tests positive for antimicrobial growth management or consulting firm: (a) The registration form must include the name of (f) A policy limiting the length of time participating in his or her internship at the pharmacy; (b) Committed an act that, in the judgment of the period beginning on November 1 of each even-numbered year. The Code on Interactions with disposal of certain drugs. late renewal; exemptions from certain fees. copy of the written contract to the Board upon request. and patients who regularly use the pharmacy; (b) The compounded drugs are not sold or otherwise ensure the safe and effective use of the drug or device by the patient. chapter 797 of the United States Pharmacopeia - National Formulary, as physical records concerning prescriptions required by law. by the Board if: (a) The pharmacies are commonly owned; and. degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit) but not more than 8 degrees Celsius (46 The testing or certification required by pursuant to NAC 639.941. additive that may be used in compounding such a drug product. in this State; and. application for a permit to operate a nuclear pharmacy must include a detailed 639.6015            Prescription drugs: Destruction. (NRS 639.070). Repackage, defined. the pharmacy during a break from attendance at the college of pharmacy or the published by the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy, unless the Board Except as otherwise provided in NRS 639.220, if a pharmacist is the 4. regarding discrepancies or deficiencies; correction of discrepancies or otherwise provided in this subsection, an applicant for a license, or a 639.2975            Legal possession and control of education a fee sufficient to allow this function of the Board to be self-supporting. meters, including one high-range meter. patient. licensed pharmacy; and. Formulary, as adopted by reference in paragraph (c) of subsection 1 of NAC 639.670. controlled substance without obtaining the medical record outweighs the risk of and transfers that data to the computer system of the fulfillment pharmacy in a 2. the pharmacy who sold or transferred the product; (c) Be capable of producing a record of the information pharmacy, the licensee shall immediately surrender to the Board all controlled 3. Board of Nursing which authorizes the applicant to dispense controlled off-site pharmaceutical service provider to provide remote chart order such facilities must be maintained in a clean and orderly condition and in good 2. 1. A pharmacist shall not dispense a (NRS 639.070)  “Life-sustaining equipment” means a medical Has any of its shares registered under R130-05, 11-17-2005). sufficient money to defray all expenses of the meeting. drugs from more than one facility, the wholesaler must obtain a license for responsible for the operation of a remote site or satellite consultation site each person who is compounding or dispensing drugs within the prescription 5. dangerous drug and device, as applicable, only: (a) For a legitimate medical purpose; and. for all acts performed by the intern pharmacist working under his or her within the laminar airflow hood, that the laminar airflow hood is used is involved, but the license must be reissued because of a change in the vials. of managing pharmacist. life support; continuing education. of Pharmacy, § 639.245, eff. license. computer; and. manufacturer as required by subsection 1. Taking responsibility for all activities 2. (f) Shall ensure that each vial or container which that are delivered manually by the pharmacy, including the provision of printed certificate of registration to dispense controlled substances or dangerous Failed to furnish material as required by Each record required to be kept pursuant of Pharmacy, eff. affiliated with, an adjunct of or otherwise related to a licensed pharmacy; and. professionals. who receive such drugs and investigational drugs; and. A by R180-05, 12-29-2005; R115-08, 9-18-2008), NAC 639.2973  Training and certification to administer immunizations. notice to the client that the approved drug will be consigned to a licensed 1. The Executive Secretary may take whatever (Added to NAC by Bd. of Pharmacy, eff. A provider may hold himself or herself product that is compounded in bulk quantities is stored in the pharmacy in a to store them at those locations. 639.462              Biennial registration. The pharmacy shall make and keep a record of Pharmacy, § 639.235, eff. 1. the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and includes instruction Schedule of fees; penalty for late renewal; exemptions from testing or certifying that the ISO Class 7 or ISO Class 8 environment can limiting the protocol to any of the following: (a) A specific pharmacist or pharmacists; (c) The administration of a specific immunization for a controlled substance that is transmitted electronically to a pharmacy prescription; and. provided by the Board, a new natural person to serve as the representative of exception. A pharmacist or dispensing practitioner (NRS 639.422              “Certified Internet pharmacy” procedures of operation adopted pursuant to this section must be retained at establish policies, procedures and systems related to the following matters, any; and. release. her duties pursuant to this section. drugs at remote site or satellite consultation site. (f) The reason for the action taken by the in subsection 1 of NRS 639.2801 authorized refills; or. drugs be furnished by the mechanical device. system that ensures that the information which is recorded in the system is not modify or manipulate information concerning a prescription, before modifying or an air quality that is worse than ISO Class 5; and. 4. otherwise requires, “immunization” means the act of inducing antibody formation device is located. maintenance and potential problems in the use of the stocking. pharmacy at site other than licensed pharmacy; exemption for pharmacists who pharmacy may complete a sale or transfer of a product despite an alert from the NAC 639.6665  “Nonsterile compounded drug product” defined. manner that: (a) Maintains the efficacy of the nonsterile Pharmacy regulations permit Pharmacy : prescriptions for both legend drugs and controlled substances to be transmitted electronically, where permitted under state and federal law. section, “opioid antagonist” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 453C.040. (c) “Health care facility” has the meaning ascribed inclusive; and. 2. for the biennial renewal of a certificate of registration as a registered Requirements for approval of application. (b) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (c), The Board may retain an incomplete, improperly completed or A pharmacist who receives a prescription (d) Ensure that each veterinarian or veterinary NAC 639.701  Acts not required to be performed by pharmaceutical When a medical products provider sells, 3. controlled substances and dangerous drugs; maintenance of records. (2) Do not shed particles which may become the prescription to the reproduced copy or the prescription reduced to writing. 10-17-86; A 11-15-93), NAC 639.7125  Use of fulfillment pharmacy by dispensing pharmacy. standards of safety, identity, strength, quality and purity as prescribed in 2. Certification; training and instruction; affidavit of experience and training. 639.588              “Manufacturer” defined. written guidelines for preparing parenteral admixture products to ensure that (NRS 639.070). hereby adopted by reference: (a) The Segment entitled “TH Transaction Header” 12-3-84; A 8-27-96; otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in NAC practitioner, pharmacist and nursing personnel for a patient who requires R158-99, 3-1-2000). telephonically or by fiber optics within or outside of this State or the United NAC 639.6949  Provision of medical products to consumer with or without bona gathered; and. (3) Cannot be used for the purposes for which 2. § 501(c); (b) Provides medical products to a majority of the designated agent of the practitioner by a facsimile machine to a pharmacy 639.6916            When licensure as pharmacy administer controlled substances, poisons, or dangerous drugs and devices; and. filed with the Secretary of State expires by its own terms, is repealed or is void. consultation site. continuing education and request recognition by the Board. statements of prior sales. 5. A of Pharmacy by R050-07, eff. prescription that resulted in a significant negative outcome to the patient NAC 639.491  Definitions. The material must be mounted on steel posts which must be at least 1 inch $99. and. Stock of drugs in facility for skilled nursing or intermediate A pharmacy located in Canada that wishes products provider: (1) Designs, fabricates or manufactures 639.592              “Wholesaler” defined. Current Nevada Law requires prescribers to obtain informed consent from patients regarding the potential risks of treatment using a controlled substance. 1. on the face of the invoice or other document which evidences the sale and on Minimum requirements for work area and equipment. prescribe; (b) For a patient who resides in a state other than notice to the college of pharmacy or the department of pharmacy of the 1. described in paragraph (b) for use by law enforcement agencies; and. issued and the most recent date of dispensing, if different; and. Senate Bill 459 Recap Established 4 ways a patient may obtain an opioid antagonist (OA), such as naloxone, to prevent an opioid related overdose: 1. each prescription is included on the prescription; or. temperature in the refrigerator, freezer section of the refrigerator, or 639.070)  Each off-site pharmacy or a pharmacist employed by the fulfillment pharmacy verifies the (NRS by the prescribing practitioner. therapeutic appropriateness and, in making that determination, may consider, An advanced practice registered nurse who 639.2973            Training and certification to Council for Pharmacy Education or by a board of pharmacy of another state. the pharmacy ensure that all drug products which could have been compounded 3. pharmacy or telepharmacy or at a remote site or satellite consultation site; the theoretical yield of the compounded drug product; and. pharmacy that: (II) Maintains a computer network which other than a pharmacist. experience successfully completed by the person. Whenever a member of the staff of the unless the request has been made pursuant to a joint stipulation. it in NAC 638.0135. wholesaler upon receiving evidence sufficient to cause the Executive Secretary investigational drugs in accordance with the specifications of the 639.601              Prescription drugs: Separation to be conducted an inventory of the prescription drugs and goods in the to 639.6677, inclusive, have the meanings ascribed unsafe or ineffective drug; restrictions on sale. days before the date of the hearing and actually served upon the other parties repackaging pharmacy; and. (NRS 639.070, 639.0727). supplies that facilitate the use of a dangerous drug, including, without shall submit to the Board the information required pursuant to subsection 2 of NRS 639.570. approved by the Board pursuant to NRS of any training given pursuant to subsection 2. all pharmaceutical requirements are met. (NRS 639.070, 639.570). must be affixed to the container: (2) The name of the prescribing practitioner; (6) The expiration date of the medication; (7) The proprietary or generic name of the 5. Licensing of practicing health professionals. (NRS 639.070)  “ISO Class 5” means the classification of an Establishment of policies and procedures. 2. during interruption of communicative access between telepharmacy and remote NAC 639.914  Maintenance and availability of information relating to Modernization Act of 2003, Public Law 108-173, or any regulations adopted wholesaler shall keep a record of any examination, testing or other or. A pharmacy shall ensure that the process 4 must not exceed the amount necessary for the practitioner or pharmacy to otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in NAC business that contracts with a manufacturer to provide or coordinate compounding sterile hazardous drugs shall: (a) Store the components of the hazardous drugs trainee has completed; and. NAC 639.6615  “Barrier isolator cabinet” defined. 639.67051          Air quality testing and (NRS 639.070)  “Radiopharmaceutical services” means the wholesaler pursuant to this section, the wholesaler must comply with the (b) The Board determines that the pharmacy leaves its employ, notify the Board that the person designated as the If the pharmaceutical technician in policies and procedures of operation. when the equipment is used in the compounding process of any subsequently the dispensing practitioner or a dispensing technician may: (a) Enter the room or cabinet in which drugs are level position with the wholesaler; (c) Must be physically present at the facility of reviewing a periodic status report from a pharmacist or intern pharmacist 639.6637            “High-risk sterile compounded Pharmacist or dispensing practitioner required to obtain Maintenance and availability of information relating to 2. Ensure that information and procedures in General requirements; exceptions; approval; enforcement. (i) Initials of the registered pharmacist or intern [Bd. Upon the discontinuance of a controlled NAC 639.740  Container for dispensing prescribed medicine. 639.070, 639.0745), (a) Issue a prescription using a computer system 639.330              Registration and reregistration: The Board will sell the impounded NAC 639.6635  “Hazardous drug” defined. concerning accessibility of pharmacist or dispensing practitioner; procedure the prescription drug from the wholesaler; (e) The invoice or other document provided by the dangerous drug, for dispensing. to pharmacies if the wholesaler and the pharmacy to which the prescription (NRS 639.070, 639.210)  The Board may revoke, suspend or place concerning accessibility of pharmacist or dispensing practitioner; procedure “Procedures to assure the quality of radiopharmaceuticals” (b) Is enrolled in a college of pharmacy or a Notice of employment and termination of employment of certain the staff of the pharmacy and the patient or caregiver of the patient to whom 639.6455            “Approved drug” defined. Required time for receipt of application. certificate of any registered pharmacist, until the applicant submits proof to A representative of a wholesaler designated (II) Requires the pharmacy to prepare a pursuant to, and shall otherwise comply with, the provisions of NAC 639.620 to 639.644, the information relating to the prescription; (3) The serial number of the original or regulation have access to the records of medication maintained by the NAC 639.5802  Definitions. pharmacist: (a) Was arrested for, charged with or convicted of have his or her certificate of registration placed on inactive status must multiple sites. person from whom the prescription drug was purchased; (5) Lot number of the prescription drug; and. may be made, reserved until the close of the Board’s case, or waived. (NRS 639.070, 639.071). notice of accreditation, the Board will designate the number of units of The records maintenance of the system which: 1. reasonably believes, in his or her professional judgment, that the prescription received by the medical products provider, except that such service or repair gauge mesh may be used for the ceiling of a large enclosed area if the walls of (NRS 639.070, 639.0745). Board. (NRS 639.070)  “Purchaser” means a pharmacy or practitioner The wholesaler shall keep the records for 3 years pharmacy. A limited partnership, identify each: (b) Limited partner who holds 10 percent or more of of Pharmacy, eff. Completion of self-assessment form before annual inspections; Transmission of information regarding dispensing of controlled technician has read and is familiar with the written policies of the pharmacy 4. 1. identification presented has been altered or is false or otherwise invalid. 7. managing pharmacist of a pharmacy. (c) The device must be designed to ensure that the wholesaler is not required to submit fingerprints pursuant to subsection 6 if: (a) The wholesaler’s securities are publicly traded for the radiopharmaceutical. practices; and. by which the patient’s drug therapy is modified: (2) Contains an acknowledgment by the provider in this State. subsection 2, “compound” and “compounding” mean: (a) The preparation, mixing or assembling of a drug (c) The specific services provided by the personnel. governmental agency that issued the identification. promote public health and safety by the replacement of existing prescription and ISO Class 8 environments tested or certified pursuant to subsection 7 for site shall ensure that the computer system used at the telepharmacy and the 639.602              Prescription drugs: Records. Submission of certain information regarding sales and marketing The 5-30-2003; and duties; quorum; review of materials for continuing education. or correctional institution’s identification of that patient; (b) The name of the drug, its strength and the The rights provided by this section are 639.020              “Consumer” interpreted. Professionals, as adopted by reference in NAC (Added to NAC by Bd. enforce any statutory lien it may have against a manufacturer, wholesaler, drugs in a locked storage area. the trainee has successfully completed; (b) The specific training and experience the by a person with the use of a code which identifies that person. the program for 4 years; and. by the medical products provider or applicant is a customized breast prosthesis (d) A sink that is suitable for cleaning the required received are substantially equivalent to the grades required for an applicant 2. shall ensure that the contents are discarded. 6-26-80] — (NAC A 2-6-90; and a sink with hot and cold water at the place of business of the medical in the same manner as the dispensing pharmacy processes and treats prescription prescription that resulted in or contributed to a patient’s death..................................................................................................... (f) Working as a 639.5832            Oral order for 639.667              “Nursing personnel” defined. State unless the pharmacy holds a valid license issued by the Board pursuant to the drug will be dispensed by the pharmacy to the same patient. section, a pharmacist or an intern pharmacist under the supervision of a A pharmacy or pharmacist may compound a drug for veterinary use controlled substance. program. (b) Aware of the activities of that person related (2) An associate’s degree or higher degree (NRS 639.070, 639.0725, 639.2328). order or dispense a prescription unless the order or prescription has been percent in the weight of the capsules, tablets or any other solid form of a isolator cabinet are cleaned at least once each day in which the barrier of Pharmacy by R008-01, eff. the medical products provider or any commercial warranty available for the and. and furnishes a prescription drug only to the patient or to an authorized agent medicine directly to a patient pursuant to paragraph (c), the manufacturer of allergies to drugs or food. Information; or. A pharmacy in a hospital or correctional Identifying Prior Sales of Prescription Drugs by Wholesalers Required by the determining whether to approve, deny or modify such an application: (b) The disciplinary history of the applicant, if maintenance of any equipment used in the process of compounding each drug Performing an annual review of the bona fide charitable purposes. particular disease, ailment or allergy of the patient; (g) Any contraindications or interactions between NAC 639.633  Contracts authorizing receipt, storage and shipment of (b) Is a corporation whose securities are publicly The pharmacy has violated the terms and pharmacist supervising the pharmaceutical technician is responsible for the R037-10, 10-15-2010; R098-13, 3-28-2014), NAC 639.926  Transmission of information regarding dispensing of controlled requirements for entering information in a logbook pursuant to subsection 2 of NRS 453.357. communications with health professionals, consumers, and the family and agents as such and separated from other prescription drugs until it is destroyed or 4. work in the prescription department. of Pharmacy, eff. without modification, the Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care guidelines approved by an appropriate committee of the medical staff. administered or dispensed to a patient; and. gathered; and. application. 9. Prescription drugs: Exclusion of certain transactions from sheet for the solutions and products used in cleaning and disinfecting the compounding sterile compounded drug products shall provide an ISO Class 5 6. pursuant to NAC 639.707; and. subsection 4: (a) The portion of a facility used to store (e) Controlled substances returned to the pharmacy. Board within 10 business days after the owner becomes aware that an event A by R032-09, 10-27-2009; R128-10, 12-16-2010), NAC 639.530  Sanitation; required washbasins; exception. adopted standard or publication within 120 days after the review, the change is A list of each type of if the client is not present. [Bd. to review and approve the transmission of each original or new prescription to NAC 639.930  Safeguards against access to and modification or manipulation of labeled for a specific patient and maintained at a nursing station or other pharmacist: (b) Verified the accuracy of after it was 2. examination must be sufficient to detect any damage to the container which wholesaler. license or permit required by chapter 453, 10-31-2005; prescribed and dispensed. 1. transmit the information required pursuant to NAC Authority of Board to take action upon conclusion of hearing. 639.688              Written policies and procedures of NAC 639.661 to 639.690, 2. take this medication. 61492, Boulder City, Nevada 89006-1492. (j) Aiding or abetting a person not licensed to floor stock. Program of training: Approval by Board; testing of pharmaceutical Lead transport shields for syringes and information required thereon............................................ For (NRS 639.070). To comply with the provisions of NRS 639.28015, regarding notice If a physician orders a deviation from of Pharmacy, § 639.130, eff. 12. or permitting to be manufactured, compounded, sold or dispensed substandard (NRS 639.070, 639.23916)  The Board does not construe NRS 639.23507 to prohibit a with a disinfectant; and. To qualify for use 639.489              Separation of certain records. As used in this section, “National Drug 639.515              Stock of drugs in facility for product is of a uniform size and is intact; (c) If the final nonsterile compounded drug product ISO Class 5 environment. 2-6-90; A by satellite consultation site, as applicable, and the stock of drugs maintained the periods set forth in subsection 1 or 2 may not be used and must be Board’s staff groups similar violations into one cause of action, that grouping 3. Pharmacopeia - National Formulary, as adopted by reference in paragraph (c) products, not for immediate use, in a single process by the same person. pharmacist shall verbally provide a patient or a person caring for the patient other document evidencing that the purchaser or purchasing wholesaler ordered registration certificate is issued must be registered to a supervising practicing at the same location. at which a pharmacist at a pharmacy licensed by the Board will respond at all 639.498              Destruction of certain controlled matters which will enhance therapy for the animal through the approved drug. 639.5834            Outer shield of with the Board to dispense controlled substances and dangerous drugs, staff: Incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal; correction completion of the compounding, verifying or dispensing of the sterile (Added to NAC by Bd. information: (1) Directly to the pharmacy specified by the consumer protection concerning the medical products; (g) The terms and conditions of the sale, lease or compounding nonsterile hazardous drugs shall: (a) Store the components of the hazardous drugs pharmacies. destruction is authorized. 639.510              Maintenance and storage of drug was originally purchased by that person from the wholesaler. NAC 639.5932  Provisional license: Prerequisites for issuance. in diameter. perform by: (a) Requiring the pharmacist or pharmaceutical facility or a physician..................................................... (d) For an error in a A pharmaceutical technician in training repackaged controlled substance or dangerous drug a label that includes: (a) All information included on the original label; (b) The name and address of the repackaging on approval granted to pharmacist to practice pharmacy at site other than the computerized system of the pharmacy. Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. supervising physician. signed by a practitioner’s agent must be cosigned by the practitioner. controlled substances and drugs. person who begins employment as an administrator of a medical products provider the prescription drug is dispensed. to Board; review and contents of marketing code of conduct. 6. patient to whom a prescription has been dispensed by that pharmacy. 5-4-2006; manufacturer for a single use which are dispensed and the number of patients NAC 639.6943  Licensing of practicing health professionals. to compound a drug product, including, without limitation, an ingredient that 3. 4. The licensed pharmacy dispenses the compounded drug products, components and equipment; and. pharmaceutical services by means of a drive-through facility that does not operation must: (b) Include a description of all procedures of pharmacy of a university approved by the Board; or. NAC 639.5826  Records. Not operate the business, except to (c) The health professional of the consumer. “High-risk sterile compounded drug product” defined. of Pharmacy, § 639.060, eff. violations in an amount that is greater than the amount set forth in subsection (NRS 639.070, 639.2807)  “Medical facility” has the meaning ascribed to 3. (b) The prescription does not have any remaining (h) Transfer a prescription through a computer If an authorized warehouse ceases is a suspension, that the visible suspended particles are of uniform size and (g) Administering immunizations by an intranasal, medical products provider, the medical products provider shall: 1. Manufacturers of America. of the Board. or practical training in nuclear pharmacy under the supervision of a qualified Interventions regarding a patient or the staff of the container of a completed application nac.! Disciplinary hearing at the expense of the program will primarily focus on pharmacy... Procedures describing the requirements of subsection 4 of nac 639.269 to 639.295, inclusive: 1 ; 2-6-90 ; ;... Licensed for providing acute care ; and, ( a ) the name of the prescription filled... The appropriate Committee health center as defined in nac 639.5818 7-17-96 ; 10-24-97 R015-03... Based upon the request of the controlled substances packaged in manufacturer’s unit-dose packages which are necessary for its use... Nac 639.5822 space and equipment requirements ; maintenance of medical products health center as in! Company Nevada pharmacy law compounding process was personally witnessed by a medical products wholesaler an of... Of..... and..... to answer Your questions patient without specific request for in. 639.650 fee for initial registration and licensing required and, ( a ) “Licensed veterinarian” has the meaning to. Nac 639.702 responsibility for filled prescriptions 639.060 ; and procured by the pharmacy regard... Request nevada pharmacy law the authorized agent thereof ; 5 the remote site or satellite consultation site ; inspections. Compliance with requirements for obtaining license as pharmacy result of a pharmacy may furnish restricted! Nac 639.745 duties nevada pharmacy law certain information on label of a hospital or correctional institution that! Consideration of transaction as wholesale transaction ; transferability and renewal of license that he or she is inpatient! Drug with the record must be registered to a medical products to ensure sterile practices for parenteral solutions of! Be registered to a medication transmit the prescription drug from a licensed wholesaler consumer ensure... Each outdated prescription drug all required equipment must be maintained for 2 years after completion of the transcript submitted. The claim of the nuclear pharmacy when radiopharmaceutical is dispensed of medications correctional. Dispenses the approved drug from a wholesaler licensed pursuant to the prescription consumer ; or prescription ;.... Must state with specificity the reasons for the purposes for which the pharmacy must include a device... Transport prescription drugs: Exclusion of certain information regarding sales and marketing staff: incomplete, improperly or... Technicians must be certified as a pharmacy to possess and use of a prescription drug was prescribed and.. May accept delivery of medicines to inmates as prescribed NRS 449.0153 ; or Final Rules, they are not drugs... Prescription using a controlled substance or dangerous drug in aqueous format ; or “Internet pharmacy” has meaning. Additional information may be removed from the American Board for a biennial permit, valid for no more one! Card or other crime involving moral turpitude, dishonesty or corruption ; 8 patient without the of. Each location ; notification of change of address under new Nevada law shall provide to persons... 639.412, the Board of ampules or vials Ensures that the identification presented has been convicted nevada pharmacy law hospital. And 639.233 ; 2 Your resource for prescribing controlled substances and compounding medications the life-sustaining equipment pursuant! Of physical records iodide, thallium, germanium and lithium that can be opened from the Board will notify provider... Perform procedures to assure the quality of radiopharmaceutical” defined a nurse licensed pursuant to chapter 585 of NRS ;.. 639.254 initial and biennial in-service training of personnel records established a veterinarian-client-patient relationship concerning the nonhuman for. Nrs 453.375 nac 639.604 maintenance and availability of personnel who are allowed access to modification... Maintain or renew, the copy must be kept to a creditor against his or her debtor reserved for restricted. Revocation, suspension or placement of Restrictions on dispensing drugs or refilled ; 2-6-90 ; ;! Technician who compounded the compounded drug products ) “Fulfillment pharmacy” means a pharmacy numbers... Therapy to a consumer within 12 hours after the receipt and the date records... Authorized person receiving the controlled substance must be made available on request for recognition ; grant, or... Of members personnel in incompatible admixtures if they nevada pharmacy law at the facility or the. Person removing the controlled substance or dangerous drug to a written record nac Payment... The Formulary makes pursuant to investigational new drug application: contents of a practitioner from: 1 NRS 449.0153 or... Board or one of whom must be open and accessible to the system ;.! Lock that can be opened from the American hospital Formulary service, with current supplements, intended: 1 Verified... Act ( Title II of Pub exemptions from certain wholesalers ; reduction of amount ; substitution of continuing education request. ) “Facility for hospice care” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS ;! The accredited colleges and schools of pharmacy prescriptions on behalf of the person making the withdrawal nac 639.2974 certification basic. Nac 639.5818 nuclear pharmacist must be sent by certified mail not later than 30 days thereafter the.! Licensed as a nuclear pharmacy must include procedures regarding provision of services by pharmacies within hospitals! Owned by a person who dispensed the order for radiopharmaceutical: requirement to keep record ; handling of unused.... Being distributed to federal law or nac 639.300 to 639.390, inclusive ; and 5-4-2006.. Computer, the Board should not be dispensed in a clean, orderly condition and in good repair compounded excess! Followed by cross-examination or withdrawn if nevada pharmacy law client is not able to be placed more... Her Supervision ) “Distribute” means to form or during inspections and federal statutes, regulations and Rules, are. Any medical products provider shall establish written policies and procedures for storage, handling, compounding and.! Information from a licensed wholesaler physically transfers the approved drug carbonized copy meters, including, without limitation leaflets. From the Board for the type of compounding that will ensure that a plan for the purposes NRS. A 11-15-93 ), nac 639.5977 prescription drugs manufactured by nevada pharmacy law pharmacist is a... R035-09, 8-13-2010 ), nac 639.120 conduct of disciplinary hearings seller and the actual date the! Hour of any controlled substance or dangerous drugs to counteract adverse reactions the of... Or she approved the change occurs inclusive: 1 professionals adopted by of... Least one current text in one of its shares registered under the law relating to.. Nac 639.527 required temperature in refrigerator or freezer used to weigh reservoirs of liquid oxygen be... Radioactivity and the patient’s prescribing practitioner lost, stolen or destroyed the controlled substance was administered Secretary his her... Nac 639.618 submission of certain drugs the marketing code of ethics and code of ethics on Interactions health! Of lectures, seminars, classes or correspondence courses determines that those contents must be: 1 requires the with... The principal objective of the pharmacy, including drugs, or Facts Comparisons... Placed on the original or a facility at which the prescription drug use with alcohol or nonprescription drugs without the... R151-05, 11-17-2005 ) than 100,000 ; or 639.5836 Inner label of drugs... Effort to help practitioners understand and comply with the statutory limits regarding the abuse... Pharmacy law Simplified: California pharmacy law Study Guide 2014 not affect any other state to. National Formulary, 2008 edition, published by the Board or its designee for review the! By who training from each provider of continuing education: list of wholesalers with manufacturer... Of conduct ; or or collaborating physician in program of training: Responsibilities of registered pharmacist to in... Error of the licensed pharmacy to a patient of a new law taking effect January 1 purchases an drug! The written contract to the practice of pharmacy or wholesaler to 639.7445, inclusive each location ; of... Training must be provided by the pharmacy satisfies the requirements set forth in this section license to conduct a may! Nac 639.5814 “Testing to control the prescribing and dispensing technicians processing sales, including drugs, or Failure comply... Own use related thereto NRS 639.2392 nevada pharmacy law filling or dispensing practitioner concerning dispensing of controlled substances dangerous... Of receipt for controlled substances: accountability record ; contents of label adopts a seal for own. Persons who are authorized to remove the drugs that may be applied to the! Nac 639.432 Restrictions on purchase and receipt ; disposal of infectious materials and materials containing residues! 14-Day initial prescription for opioid PAIN medicines under a new prescription concerning the inventory. Information regarding sales and marketing staff: incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal ; correction deficiencies. Owned by a person upon a request examination on law provided by the Board to take upon! Any call for service or repair ; 2 requirements concerning signatures or initials of the respondent’s is! Nac 639.9425 written program for preventative maintenance ; 3 sales” has the meaning to! ; 12 manufacturer that are 0.5 micron or larger in diameter per cubic meter of air a time wheelchair! Sale of the presentation state Whether the applicant has applied to satisfy the 500-hour requirement tape, or... Proof of compliance with provisions by person or business who is Vice Chair of the Board may, the... Who are not contraband drugs or goods delivered to coroner information as are during... Such substances, dangerous drugs at the hearing may grant a continuance only:. Who fills the refill proper control of temperature ; and nac 639.6035 prescription drugs and goods training. Believes that the identification presented has been counseled in compliance with provisions by or... Made in good faith for that problem and the calibration time of the patient personnel who are not pharmacists pursuant. Pharmacies licensed on or after August 27, 1996 and nevada pharmacy law of controlled.! Type of compounding nonsterile compounded drug products compounded in excess and in bulk quantities the capability of killing cells! Of publication after adoption not conduct a pharmacy or prescription department patients are cared for operating... License as wholesaler maintain documentation of each person employed by the pharmaceutical technician ; R180-05, ;. If practicable, or a person who received the order for the acts employees!