Can’t remember the type of radio

So in the wheelhouse you always have 2 VHF Radios. ┬áBack in the days before cell phones you also had a “side band” that’s what I always heard it called radio. ┬áThis radio was used to get your orders over and you could also call home using the marine operator.

Anyway, was it called a sideband radio or was it something like a High Frequency radio of some type.


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  1. Luke Moore says:

    A little slow replying…but…back in the day ( pre-1990 ) many boat outfits were still using side band radios ( SSB ) to communicate with their vessels. Was basically a licensed ham radio for the vessel…look at old photos and you will see a long wire running the length of the boat. This was the antenna, and when the captain or pilot would talk on the radio it would give an unsuspecting deck hand a jolt ( like a cow wire ) if he was souging where the wire connected to the wheelhouse ( hurt like hell I might add! ). Late in the evening we would sit in the wheelhouse and listen to boats from around the northern hemisphere call in fish catches, stormy seas, etc. like they were just a few miles away. Problem with SSB was fighting to get traffic in to your dispatcher…SSB was an a.m. radio like CB’s and everyone “walked over” one another to get their morning report in on time. Very frustrating process. Hoping all is well with you…Luke

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