Can’t remember the type of radio

So in the wheelhouse you always have 2 VHF Radios.  Back in the days before cell phones you also had a “side band” that’s what I always heard it called radio.  This radio was used to get your orders over and you could also call home using the marine operator.

Anyway, was it called a sideband radio or was it something like a High Frequency radio of some type.


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Tonight the DNS changes have been made for

Yep, I pulled the trigger and within 24 hours all traffic will be on the new server and new site.

It’s about F’n time.

Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment back online came back online at 9:40pm central tonight.

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RIBB is down

Tickets are opened with tech support.  Hope to have a resolution soon.

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Happy New Year and a request for content

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Things have kind of stalled with the holidays over on the RIBB front.  But I have a new blog post and update coming out about the status of the sites and next steps.

By the way, just upgraded this site to the new version of WordPress.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the site I’m interested in anyone who would like to write some “Op Ed” type articles for this site concerning the river industry.

If you are photo bug  drop me a message also since we can show case some of your work here as well.

We can’t afford to pay but I would like for this site to become a grass roots site for the River Industry.



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Update and possible theme change for the new RIBB site

Head over to the development site and take a look at the latest blog posting.  I was inspired today by a new theme I saw and a whipped together the RIBB site using that theme.

I really like the new theme, looks nice a clean.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  You can go directly to the new theme site by clicking here.

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RIBB Update #3

Just a note to everyone who frequents this site.  I have posted a new update on the development of RIBB.  You can find the blog post here: RIBB Update #3.

Also, check out the site on the development server located at

Remember it’s a development server so it may and will be down from time to time.  Also, you may hit the page and it’s a complete mess.  So check back often.

Also, keep in mind, RIBB is now supported through donations.  If you would like to donate you can click on this link and Donate via PayPal.


Thanks you.


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You would think that something your Tax money pays for would be available to you…

So did you know that you cannot get the AIS information because this would constitute a national security issue?  I find this interesting since my tax money does pay for the infrastructure and the marine industry has to pay for AIS transponders on all their vessels.  The USCG does not provide a free feed to this data.  I’m not sure if the data is classified or you could access it by filing a Freedom of Information Act request but then again what does a CD contain days or months worth of old GPS coordinates really do for you.

I just thought it was interesting.

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Last week of June

Hard to believe it’s the last week of June already.  Working on plans to officially relaunch the site.  So keep checking back for more information.

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OK, we have forums up and will giving them a test run over the next couple of days.  I’m also looking for Forum Moderators.  So checkout the Forums, but here is the catch.  You must be a registered user to post or comment in the forums.  So please sign up.

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